Mestre Deraldo Ferreira
Founder and Artistic Director of BCCNE

deraldo in palmaresDeraldo brings to the BCCNE a twenty-five year tenure in Capoeira and a similar lifetime involvement and commitment to samba drumming, musical composition and choreography. Of equal importance is Deraldo's talent and experience as an instructor.

He has trained children, teens and adults in his own academy in Santos and in his teaching throughout New England and Canada for the past fourteen years. Deraldo Ferreira began studying Capoeira at the age of 14. In 1984 he was awarded certification as a Mestre. Following his success in Brazil he came to North America and became one of the first Capoeiristas to bring the artform to the United States.


His extensive experience as a teacher includes the following Universities and public schools.

Amherst College, since 1995
Hampshire College, since 1995
Wheaton College, since 2001


Sardinia, since 2002


Somerville Public Schools, Somerville, Massachussets:
East Somerville Community School
Healy School
Lincoln Park School
Winter Hill Community School


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