Our annual International Capoeira Angola Encounter was established in 1995. Our aim is to keep the cultural tradition of Capoeira Angola alive by bringing traditional Mestres from Brazil to teach, demonstrate and share their knowledge. Some of the Mestres that have participated in the past include: Grand Mestre Joao Pequeno, Grand Mestre Joao Grande, Grande Mestre Curio, Grand Mestre Brandao, Grand Mestre Pele, Grand Mestre Bigodinho, and Grand Mestre Boca Rica. These men are the oldest, legendary Capoeira Angola Grand Mestres in the world and it is our pleasure and blessing to have them visit our Cultural Center. There are many more Grand Mestres from Bahía, Brazil that we plan to bring in the upcoming years. The other generation of Mestres, like Mestre Moraes, who devote all of their energy to increasing the development of Capoeira Angola, also play a vital and inspirational role in our Encounters.

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